A Dream Come True

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But the day arrived when Joseph’s gift of dream interpretation was needed again. Pharaoh, who had two dreams, was desperate to know what they meant. Remembering how Joseph had accurately interpreted his dream, the king’s cup bearer recommended Joseph’s services.

A Mowhawk Goes Missing

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“Jean, could you step out for a minute?” the first grade leader asked. She spoke soberly. “We’ve lost track of Jay.” “What? You’ve – you don’t know where he is? Did you check the bathrooms?” “Yes, we’ve checked all of them,” the group leader said.

A Gift of Love

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A Gift of Love by Pam Bostwick Mom, come chase butterflies with me,” my daughter called as the screen door banged behind her. I groaned and picked up another potato. “I’d love to, Robin, if [...]

Friendship Is More Than A Myth

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As they celebrated the artist’s success and prepared for the second brother to attend school, they realized that his fingers, stiff and twisted from mine work, could no longer execute the delicate strokes of a sensitive artist.

Jesus Is My Home Address

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“I’ll be fine,” I assured them. But as I watched the taillights of their white Toyota disappear over the aloe-covered hillside, it suddenly hit me: “I am thousands of miles from home, and I don’t know anybody.”

Owney…The World’s Most Traveled Dog

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“Owney: The World’s Most Traveled Dog” by Richard Bauman The scruffy little dog scurried up the ship’s gangplank in the predawn darkness one morning in August 1895. He wasn’t a stowaway. In fact, he was [...]