A Mowhawk Goes Missing

“Jean, could you step out for a minute?” the first grade leader asked. She spoke soberly. “We’ve lost track of Jay.” “What? You’ve – you don’t know where he is? Did you check the bathrooms?” “Yes, we’ve checked all of them,” the group leader said.

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A Thanksgiving Surprise

A Thanksgiving Surprise by Rev. David Nuottila As with most experiences during my first year as pastor, our Thanksgiving Eve service was a source of great anticipation for me, and also a source of some anxiousness. Our church had not had such a service in several years, and given that we are a small congregation, [...]

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Historical Lutheran Congregations

The long and storied history of Lutherans in the US begins over 300 years ago. Here are four of the oldest congregations still active today. Click on the church name to read more of their interesting history. Zion Lutheran, Oldwick, NJ: First formed by German immigrants, this congregation has been active for 296 years. The [...]

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