A Gift of Love by Pam Bostwick Mom, come chase butterflies with me,” my daughter called as the screen door banged behind her. I groaned and picked up another potato. “I’d love to, Robin, if I ever get […]
The Free Shelf by Diane Stark   I don’t know how you did this, but with your coupons, your total comes to $2.47,” the drugstore clerk announced with a smile. I shrugged one shoulder.  “You just use coupons […]
My Partner in Parenting by Lynn Klammer As my children and I pulled out of the church parking lot Sunday morning I decided to scold my daughters, Rachel and Sarah, for not paying better attention during the service. […]
Only a Snippet by Shirley A. Reynolds My thoughts wandered as I looked out our frosted window at the snow-covered mountains and snow-laden pine boughs. A sheet of snow was about to slide off the roof of our […]