The Pursuit of J.O.Y

Like fire and gasoline, Ken’s negativity and my optimism can be a volatile mix. Yet, we have been married for more than a quarter of a century. The occasional eruptions and some long periods of unrest we have withstood are offset by the joy we share.

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Yard Sale Witness

Yep, I am the queen of yard sales, shedding things as we move, tossing out the old getting ready for the new. I am also one who likes to share the love of God. And a really good day is when I can share the love of God at a yard sale, where people are looking for bargains, but find something that money cannot buy: God’s love.

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The Difference One Life Can Make

Raoul Wallenberg was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things, risking his own life to save others only to then die in a Russian prison just after the war ended. How did he do what he did?

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