Living With Less, Loving People More

Carol decided to try an experiment. Several of her friends at work were giving up things for Lent and she decided to join them (even though her church didn’t practice Lent). To her husband’s surprise, she gave up shopping. Once a week she did grocery shopping for her family but she never bought anything for herself for 40 days.

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Although most people would agree that superstitions are irrational, most people adhere to a few cherished superstitions.

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Our Mistake!

Thanks to the many faithful Lutheran Digest readers who have pointed out the mistake in the  Spring 2011 Bible Quiz (pgs.  60-61). Upon reaching answer number six, many of you  took to your Bibles (never a bad thing, but I digress) to double-check our answers.  What was discovered was a mistake on the part of [...]

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