As they celebrated the artist’s success and prepared for the second brother to attend school, they realized that his fingers, stiff and twisted from mine work, could no longer execute the delicate strokes of a sensitive artist.
“Owney: The World’s Most Traveled Dog” by Richard Bauman The scruffy little dog scurried up the ship’s gangplank in the predawn darkness one morning in August 1895. He wasn’t a stowaway. In fact, he was traveling as a […]
Elizabeth Fry: Friend to Outcasts by Jewell Johnson Crime was rampant in England in the early 1800s. Prisons were overcrowded. Men and women guilty of minor crimes such as stealing huddled in cells with vicious murderers. Concerned government […]
Four Brave Chaplains by Victor Parachin Four chaplains were on board the USAT Dorchester on the evening of February 2, 1943, as it made its way through the frigid Atlantic waters. The ship was packed to capacity carrying […]