Angels in the Coal Mine by Tom Kovach Coal mining has always been hard, dangerous work. My dad was one who took such risks, long before modern equipment. Nearly all the work was done with picks and shovels, […]
Set Your Own Speed by Mickie Carpenter   The apartment complex where I live has an activity room with a wide selection of exercise equipment. I am retired, so I usually go there to ride the stationary bike […]
Where’s Bert? by Janice Alonso I’m blessed to not only have a healthy and beautiful granddaughter, but also one who has a quick intellect, so sharp that nothing gets by her. It’s been a long time since I’ve […]
Dream Team by Richard Bauman Every football fan envisions an undefeated season for their favorite team. Few have had the power to make their dreams come true. Morris Newburger, however, did it, literally, in 1941. The sports pages […]