Hi, Ho, Silver! by Steve Gruenwald I used to think that any husband buying something made out of silver to give to his wife after 25 years of marriage was being predictable and unoriginal. I changed my mind, […]
Fresh Joy From Home Fragrances by Audri Carli Gladness welled as I realized anew the joy that can be savored from home fragrances. The insight surfaced after I had become extra busy, taking time to eat sandwiches with […]
Symbols Of Love by Lynn Klammer It’s funny how the strangest things can have sentimental value or remind us of those we love. The comforting smell of fresh apple pie can instill the secure feelings of home and […]
Faith In Action by Perry Wilbur The faith of millions is being strongly tested today in this era of massive job cuts, layoffs, financial crunch and almost world-wide recession. The shield of faith is a must for this […]