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The bird that graces our cover is a yellow wagtail ­– a delightful small bird whose hopeful call signals the return of spring. Unfortunately, you may not hear this little bird in your neck of the woods: the yellow wagtail migrates between Northern Europe and Africa, leaving harsh temperatures for warmth and comfort.
In this issue, we’re aiming to help you in your journey from suffering to hope. In “4 Challenges to Change,” author Tammy Darling helps you overcome the difficulties that come with changing your life. With her article “Grief Connection,” Marjorie Gordon offers some suggestions for helping others navigate the tough times in their lives. In “Love Makes the World Go Round,” author Judy Schargenberg reminds us of the source of our hope.
So while the yellow wagtail may not herald the coming of spring for you, take time to listen for your own heralds of hope in nature, in your life, and in God’s word.

We hope you enjoy our latest issue. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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