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Autumn brings out the nostalgia. Perhaps it’s a residual back-to-school feeling, with all the anxious memories that come with it. Or maybe it’s the changing of the season; the reds and golds that usher in Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whatever it is, when the cool air hits my lungs, lots of good, old memories begin to flow.
Of paramount importance are my family memories. As I put together this issue, I was fortunate enough to read some excellent accounts of what family means to different people. Family isn’t limited to our blood relatives, as Nancy Hoag explains in “For This Family, We Give Thanks.” Family breathes extra life into the holidays, as Audrey Carli explains in “Our Evergreen.” Finally, family is a place where poignant thoughts about our Lord can come from the most humorous retelling of classic stories, as Millie Baker Ragosta recounts in “Holy Innocents.”
As you enjoy the changing season, and as many of us gather with friends and loved ones for the upcoming holidays, try giving yourself a little thought experiment inspired by this issue. Try asking, what does family mean to me?

We hope you enjoy our latest issue. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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