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Summer. As I write this, it feels like a far-away place. Despite it being well past the first day of spring, the meteorologists are again predicting snow, further extending what has already been a long, cold winter. There’s not much I can do about it except wait.
Waiting is such a hard part of being a human being. We wait in lines, we wait for appointments, and we wait (of course) for our favorite seasons to come (despite weather delays). Most importantly, we wait for God’s answer to our questions and our prayers. Several of this issue’s authors discuss how they’ve coped with waiting. In “Are You Trying to Catch God” (p. 34), Richard Bauman discusses how waiting and faith go hand in hand. Roy Borges’ essay “Until the Answer Comes” (p. 59) shows us the challenges of waiting for God’s answer in the most extreme of conditions – prison. And in “No Obstacles” (p. 62), Anne Adams relays the added difficulty of waiting for answers in our technology driven society.
While this sort-of Spring is taking it’s time to get here, I know that my patience will eventually be rewarded. The seasons come and go in God’s perfect timing. And until that time comes, there’s a new issue of The Lutheran Digest to keep me occupied!

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