The Fall 2020 Issue is coming soon!

From the editor…

When the Digest published its Spring/Summer issue I wrote of “interesting times.” My hope was that, by this issue, we’d be back to “boring” times but, alas, here we are. While some things have changed, the pandemic is still attacking us and 2020 is still, well, very interesting. With that in mind, this issue of the Digest has a little bit of everything. For those who can’t travel, or visit with neighbors, we have stories like “A Cup of Coffee” (pg 3) and “The Roar of Your Waterfalls” (pg. 9). For those feeling the pressure of 2020, “Coping With Time Related Stress (pg. 25) offers tips into helping preserve your mental health. Finally, pages 50 through 64 offers articles reminiscing on Christmas a great reminder of the good things in our lives. While the world may be in dark times, here’s hoping that this issue of The Lutheran Digest can help shine the light of our Lord; a light that will lead us into the future with hopefulness.

We hope you enjoy our latest issue. As always, feel free to  contact us with any questions or concerns.

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