Tears in a Bottle

Telling a room full of six-year-olds that their classmate had died was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. They wanted to know why, and I simply didn’t know.

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My Partner In Parenting

My Partner in Parenting by Lynn Klammer As my children and I pulled out of the church parking lot Sunday morning I decided to scold my daughters, Rachel and Sarah, for not paying better attention during the service. Instead of focusing on the pastor, my seven- and eight-year-olds had spent the hour creating their own personal artwork. “So what did you think of the sermon?” I called to the back seat of the van. “Can you tell me what you learned?” I was prepared for silence. I was prepared for a poorly veiled attempt to bluff their way through an answer. I was even prepared for a blatant admission of guilt. I was not however, prepared for the response I received. “Well” said Sarah, “it was about Moses and the bush that was on fire.” I was amazed, but even more surprised by what followed. Sarah went on to describe in some detail what the pastor had said, and even related the sermon to the children’s sermon they had that day. Little Rachel’s voice often chimed in, adding particular details here and there. I couldn’t believe it. […]

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Faith In Action

Faith In Action by Perry Wilbur The faith of millions is being strongly tested today in this era of massive job cuts, layoffs, financial crunch and almost world-wide recession. The shield of faith is a must for this time period. It calls to mind the faith of Moses, Joseph, Abraham and other greats of the [...]

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