Tears in a Bottle

Telling a room full of six-year-olds that their classmate had died was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. They wanted to know why, and I simply didn’t know.

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The Faith of a Plebe

The Faith of a Plebe by Elise Seyfried Our long wait was over. After a separation that began June 30, on a mid-August weekend, we were finally reunited with our “plebe,” US Naval Academy Midshipman 4th Class Evan Seyfried. Parents’ weekend was a most welcome chance to visit, to take Evan off the academy grounds [...]

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A Mowhawk Goes Missing

“Jean, could you step out for a minute?” the first grade leader asked. She spoke soberly. “We’ve lost track of Jay.” “What? You’ve – you don’t know where he is? Did you check the bathrooms?” “Yes, we’ve checked all of them,” the group leader said.

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