Welcome to Old Age

Welcome to old age, I tell myself. At least the title of “senior citizen” sounds much better than being called “old lady.”

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The World Cup Of Salvation

World Cup of Salvation by Lais Waddell With the tournament rapidly approaching, news of the World Cup has been on the television and in the papers more and more frequently. Excitement is building for the most-watched sports event, whispers of whether the venues will be ready in South Africa or not are in the air and firm favorites already picked. But what of the games themselves? When the time for it eventually rolls around, what happens then? Each game is played, tensions increase. One by one, teams are knocked out of the competition and fans of those that are left are wringing their hands with the anticipation and hope that their team, the nation they belong to or picked, could be the one to take it all. And then it happens. The two teams finally reach the final; the winner takes all, and pandemonium ensues. The players, who were just as high-strung as the fans have their moment in the spotlight. […]

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Faith In Action

Faith In Action by Perry Wilbur The faith of millions is being strongly tested today in this era of massive job cuts, layoffs, financial crunch and almost world-wide recession. The shield of faith is a must for this time period. It calls to mind the faith of Moses, Joseph, Abraham and other greats of the [...]

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