If I take the wings of morning

And soar above the world,

I’ll look down on restless oceans

And prairie lands unfurled.

I will see the lofty mountains

And silvery rivers run,

The moon and stars of evening

And the glory of the sun.

There’ll be lakes and fragrant forests

To please my wandering eyes.

I’ll be borne aloft by breezes

That waft across the skies.

I’ll see all God’s creations

As they were meant to be.

All clean and fresh and spotless,

That’s how they’ll look to me.

That must be how the Father,

Who watches from above,

Can still bestow on mortals

His everlasting love.

But thank the Lord in Heaven

That this is not the case,

For he still walks beside us

And meets us face to face.

He sees us in our failures,

Our sinfulness and shame,

He knows our every weakness

And loves us just the same.

– Earline Penrod

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