Thanks to the many faithful Lutheran Digest readers who have pointed out the mistake in the  Spring 2011 Bible Quiz (pgs.  60-61).

Upon reaching answer number six, many of you  took to your Bibles (never a bad thing, but I digress) to double-check our answers.  What was discovered was a mistake on the part of The Lutheran Digest. Here’s what happened.

Originally, there were ten questions and answers to our Bible quiz. At the last minute, we removed one question, the original question six. Unfortunately, we neglected to remove the corresponding answer. Therefore, every answer after question five is incorrect. The correct answers can be found here

As for the 10th question, here is what we would’ve printed:

In 1 Corinthians, by what name does Paul refer to Simon Peter? (1 Corinthians 15:5)
a.    Barabbas
b.    Malchus
c.    Cephas
d.    Bartimaeus

(answer can be found here)

Our sincere apologies for the mistake and thanks again for helping keep us on our toes!

Nick Skapyak, Editor

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  1. Thanks for clearing this up. I didn’t think I got almost half of the questions wrong!

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