Choosing your child’s Bible, Part 1

By Christy Olson The Bible has been translated and paraphrased thousands of different ways. How can you know when is ‘best’ for you and your family? The answer to what is ‘best’ depends on what you are seeking! For younger learners it can be best when everyone works from the same translation of the Bible. At other times, however, hearing passages translated in different ways can spark discussion and bring clarity. Whichever version you use, encourage the participants to get to know their Bible, making notes and marking passages that are meaningful for them. […]

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Faith In Action

Faith In Action by Perry Wilbur The faith of millions is being strongly tested today in this era of massive job cuts, layoffs, financial crunch and almost world-wide recession. The shield of faith is a must for this time period. It calls to mind the faith of Moses, Joseph, Abraham and other greats of the [...]

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A Bible Menu Plan

The Bible is truly a complete book as a source for  guidance , history planning?  Here's a menu plan for your next party inspired by scripture.  (NOTE: All scripture verses are KJV.) Appetizer Samuel 17:17: “And Jesse said unto David his son, Take now for thy brethren an ephah of this parched corn, and [...]

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