Gardening East Of Eden

Gardening East of Eden by A. Trevor Sutton For 23 years of my life, I thought feng shui was a type of Japanese plant. My confusion began while I was gardening for an elderly woman with an insatiable eye for order. Everything had to be planted with the utmost precision; angles were measured and remeasured. [...]

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What’s in Your Bible?

by Katherine Hauswirth Our pastor, Tim, shared something I hadn’t heard before: all manner of people bring all manner of old Bibles to the church. Some Bibles are from nonbelievers who stumble on a Bible when cleaning out a garage or an attic. Believers who “recycle” their old Bibles at church have either moved on to a less tattered version or aged into a large-print edition. Even to many nonbelievers, throwing away a Bible just doesn’t seem right. Hence the church’s abundant and mismatched collection. A scrap of paper fluttered out of a Bible that made its way to Pastor Tim. In faded pen and ink, someone had carefully written: “God cured my spine, Tuesday, the 23rd of May, 1865.” […]

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Choosing your child’s Bible, part 2

By Christy Olson (for part 1 of this article, click here) Bibles for young readers Around second grade, most children become solid readers. They begin to discover reading by themselves and the joy of chapter books. And what is the greatest chapter book in the world? You guessed! It’s the Bible. So how can we help these new and developing readers explore God’s word? […]

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