Mischievous As I watch the rabbit nibble the carrots where the marigolds have not yet bloomed I clap my gloved hands. the dull sound is loud enough To scare away the rabbit. When I walk over to the carrot patch to inspect the damage done by the cottontail, I notice black, marble eyes staring at [...]

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In the Paths of Jesus

In the Paths of Jesus I’ve walked the New York City streets Through towering walls of gray I’ve edged along the rocky shores Of San Francisco Bay. I’ve strolled along Grand Canyon’s rim And seen the grandeur there I’ve skipped along a sandy beach And breathed the salty air. I’ve tip-toed ‘neath the redwood trees [...]

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The Road Taken

The Road Taken Could we but travel back in time And speak the words unsaid, To ponder the road not taken And the place it might have led. The past is like a window; On the outside looking in We see where we have ventured Not where we may have been. Often a journey wearies [...]

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