In the Paths of Jesus

I’ve walked the New York City streets

Through towering walls of gray

I’ve edged along the rocky shores

Of San Francisco Bay.

I’ve strolled along Grand Canyon’s rim

And seen the grandeur there

I’ve skipped along a sandy beach

And breathed the salty air.

I’ve tip-toed ‘neath the redwood trees

In reverence and awe,

And marveled at God’s handiwork

In everything I saw.

Those surely were delightful times

But if I had my way,

I’d walk the paths that Jesus trod,

In lands so far away.

I’d find my way to Nazareth

And Galilee as well.

I’d hike the green Judean Hills

Through every glade and dell

In the Garden of Gethsemane

I’d make my cautious way

Until I found that sacred rock

Where Jesus knelt to pray.

And finally I’d find that path

That leads me to the tree

Standing on Golgotha’s hill

Where Jesus died for me.

Earline Penrod

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