Welcome to Old Age

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Welcome to old age, I tell myself. At least the title of “senior citizen” sounds much better than being called “old lady.”

Living With Less, Loving People More

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Carol decided to try an experiment. Several of her friends at work were giving up things for Lent and she decided to join them (even though her church didn’t practice Lent). To her husband’s surprise, she gave up shopping. Once a week she did grocery shopping for her family but she never bought anything for herself for 40 days.

Parking Lot Apology

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I was at once seething with anger, too. In my mind she caused the near accident. It took just a fraction of a second for me to rationalize that if she hadn’t rushed into the parking lot, if she had been paying attention, then she wouldn’t have nearly stepped right in front of my car.

Tears in a Bottle

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Telling a room full of six-year-olds that their classmate had died was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. They wanted to know why, and I simply didn’t know.

Postcard Angel

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I could however, remember, with the help of my friend, the calm, reflective emotional state I would like to move into.

The Faith of a Plebe

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The Faith of a Plebe by Elise Seyfried Our long wait was over. After a separation that began June 30, on a mid-August weekend, we were finally reunited with our “plebe,” US Naval Academy Midshipman [...]