No Dripping Here!

By Diane Stark Honey, it’s dripping,” I told my husband as he helped me by clearing the dinner dishes from the table. “Put your hand under the dish so it doesn’t drip on the floor.” My husband, Eric, nodded and dutifully did as I instructed. “If I have to mop the floor when you’re done, [...]

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Holy Innocents

Millie Ragosta Like most almost-four-year-olds, Justin is a quick study. When Ruthie reads him a new bedtime story, he digests the high points at once and in a few subsequent readings fixes every single word and nuance of expression into the computer in his head. After that, trying to read him the story is redundant; [...]

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For This Family, We Give Thanks

By Nancy Hoag My husband and I were longing for a holiday around the table with our own family. In years past, even the joy of being with neighbors or Scotty’s colleagues had sufficed. But this year we would be living in a travel trailer and building Habitat for Humanity houses nearly two-thousand miles from [...]

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